Countertop Filters

Award winning Aquasana® and Multi-Pure® water filtration systems and water filters make easy to give your family  clean clear filtered water.

The AQ-4000®  is a Consumer Digest magazine rated "Best Buy". Start enjoying clean counter top filtered water by these top two great water filter companies immediately! These water filters are super easy to install and  the savings are tremendous. 

Average cost per gallon is 10 cents or less. Try that with bottled water! 

There is an estimated 13 BILLION plastic bottles disposed of every year. 
Feel  the satisfaction of knowing you are doing you're part in conservation efforts to help our planet with disposing of less plastic bottles. 

The health benefits of drinking clean filtered water is well know. Water is our most important part of our body makeup. Without water we all would perish! Sport doctors and dietitians recommend we drink a minimum of 8 glasses a day.
These filtration systems filter out the impurities without taking out vital minerals that our bodies need.

Your family will being to enjoy the benefits  immediately!

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