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Water Test Kits

Quality water test kits providing you a way to test your water right from home! Easy to use, quick quality results.

Test for contaminates like:
  • Coliform bacteria  (An Indicator of pathogenic organisms that cause disease.)
  • Pesticides   (From Agricultural uses. Linked to Increase Cancer Rates.)
  • Nitrates  (From fertilizers and animal waste. Causes development problems.)
  • Lead  (Causes developmental harm, neurological and kidney damage.)
  • Iron (Even low concentration can leave reddish brown stains.)
  • Nitrites  (From Fertilizers and animal waste. Causes development problems.)
  • Hardness  (Causes lime scale and higher detergent use.)
  • pH  (Can cause heavy metal leaching, Plumbing damage )
  • Chlorine  (By-products can increase cancer risk Bad taste and smell)
  • Copper  (High levels may cause gastrointestinal distress.)